Activewear Pants: How To Find The Right Size

Men's activewear is all about comfort rather than fashion. Furthermore, pants remain one of the primary clothing in the sports wardrobe of every gentleman. With more and more individuals wearing sports attires for outdoor activities and exercises, you are probably willing to ensure that mens activewear pants are made from fabric that keeps you cool and flexible. However, choosing the fitting pants size is more challenging than you might think before, with the diversity of pant types available on the market. Let's discover a few factors on how to find out men pants size in the article.

Types of activewear waistbands

Waistbands are designed to support you during both intense and light sports activities. In general, bands that come with men's activewear pants are divided into thick, thin, and drawstring types. Pants with a thick waistband provide more comfort and support and require fewer adjustments while exercising. 

On the other hand, narrow waistbands are associated with less support during exercises, but they are more comfortable than thin ones since the pressure is minimal. If you seek a more ultimate option, sports pants with drawstring waistbands are the way. They allow your activewear to stay put during cardio workouts, such as running, even though you might find them impractical for yoga classes.

Types of activewear rises

The rise of men activewear pants determines where the pants sit on the body, and it is crucial to make sure they stay in place while exercising. High-rise pants, including leggings, provide advanced coverage and support as they sit around the waist. Many people find them practical for pilates and yoga. At the same time, mid-rise is most common in men's sports attires, especially in pants. In addition, you can't go wrong with wearing low-rise pants to do home activities. However, low-rise pants are ideal for high-impact sports activities combined with a drawstring waistband.

Types of activewear silhouettes

It is crucial to consider the type of sports activity to determine the most suitable pant activewear silhouette. There are fewer variations for men's sports clothing than women's, but a well-selected option will ensure the most comfort for exercising. Typically, mens activewear pants with pockets come in relaxed and fitted silhouettes, depending on the sports activity. If you go for a run in winter, leggings are your best bet, while golf and related activities require a more relaxed pant silhouette to stay agile.

Types of activewear compression

Men can find both high and low compression activewear in the current market, each suitable for specific requirements. The idea around compression pants is to keep the skin and tissue in place, thereby intensifying circulation. Therefore, pants with high compression provide the best support for the body, although they might restrict your motions. People with injuries or extra weight usually select high compression pants over other options. In contrast, low compression activewear pants fit activities that require a full range of motions.